About Us

About the inventor :
Paul Morningstar was born and raised in the south side of Chicago. He spent three years at Purdue University studying Industrial Electrical Systems. Paul also spent four years at Prairie State College, working on Tool and Die, specializing in stamping.

Having worked in steel mills to nuclear power plants, Paul brings thirty years worth of experience and industrial standards to bicycle maintenance, from preventative maintenance to generalized assembly work. He also held a job managing the R & D at an electronics firm.

His love of both physics and the bicycle have brought new productivity tools to market.

Tool History:

In 1990 Paul developed the FREEHUB BUDDY, after a ton of maintenance during the winters on the Mendocino coast checking timber harvest plants for local environmental groups.

In 1998, the obvious need of replacement dustshield necessitated the introduction of reusable replacement units. The new aluminum dustshields are o- ring sealed for extra long service of the Freehub.

In 2000, after years of research, a 100% water proof lube called FREEHUB SOUP was designed especially for the freehub mechanism.

In 2004, the original 4 part mix of silicones and teflons was changed to include ionized copper.

In 2001, the dial indicated series of wheel and rotor survey tuning, tools known as R.O.C. - Tech were introduced bringing new performance and accuracy.

In 2003, Paul introduced rotor tuning forks called DRUMSTIX - the current stainless units are the fourth incarnation of that design.

Paul is currently working on frame alignment standards and gauges for easy evaluation of the same.


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